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The BPM line gives you a combination of balance, power and mobility together in one stick. Rather than focusing on one specific aspect of the game, the BPM series is designed to enhance your skills in all areas of the game.

The BPM090 also includes the VRF.2 blade, the most responsive and vibration-free blade yet. A high density foam combined with carbon stabilizer inserted lengthwise reduces torsion, which in turn creates more accurate shots and better precision when puck handling.


Flex profile: Midkick

Weight (senior): 485g

Construction: Composite

Shaft shape: Square double concave walls


-          Power Pivot

-          VRF.2

-          Spear Shaft



-          Senior (60’’)

-          Intermediate (57’’)

-          Junior (52’’, 48’’)

-          Youth (44’’, 40’’)


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